Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the UV-C rays harmful to me?

Although this far-UVC ray is damaging to germs, the wavelength (207-222 nanometers) of UV light is less hazardous to your skin and eyes. In the case of our product, you’re simply dropping your item in the bag and zipping completely, then clicking the power button. NERO, therefore, does not allow the opportunity for exposure of UV rays to your skin. 


Is it SAFE for my phone, laptop, tablet, earphones?

YES. The UV light in this bag is 100% safe for your electronics. The sanitization process is dry, and the does not produce enough heat to harm your electronics. NERO is safe for all your devices. 


User Guide

One click to START cycle. The power button illuminates to indicate sanitization cycle is ACTIVE, and turns off automatically at the END of sanitization cycle. 


After one press, the UVC light remains ACTIVE for three minutes -- more than enough time to kill germs inside. You may press it again after completion to repeat the cycle. You can also press the power button anytime, to STOP the sanitization mid-cycle to retrieve your items in an emergency. It is recommended to always complete the cycle entirely. On a full charge NERO can complete over 100 sanitization cycles.  


How is the bag powered?

NERO comes with a portable charger connected with a built-in USB cable to power the UVC-rays. The portable charger can also be used to power other devices like cellphones, headphones, etc.