Our mission is to enable people, and provide access to technology often reserved for specialized fields such as hospitals and industrial processing facilities. 

We leverage the science behind proven technologies in everything we make. Our products are meticulously tested and designed for urban life without the expensive price tag.

Inspiration behind 'NERO'

Our flagship product NERO borrows from inaccessible UV sterilization technology used by surgeons and dentists to sterilize their tools before treating a patient. The same technology is also used by the food processing industry to clean and sterilize their ingredients (raw materials) that go into snacks we consume. This process is touchless, fast and effective, but extremely expensive.

So, how do we make this product affordable? Among other modifications, we increased the exposure time to obtain a higher UV dosage required to disinfect from germs. While a dentist's UV sterilizer is a little faster, NERO disinfects in minutes (formula below):


UV Dose = UV Intensity (μW/cm² ) x Exposure Time (seconds)


This simple change allows us to bring UV-C sterilization technology to you at a fraction of the price, so you can stay safe anywhere, at the touch of a button.